Mac Miller - The Jesuits Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

The Jesuits Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
From, yeah, from, from, from, from
Right out the backyard, rhymes out the crack jarred
The facts are that Mac brought the cash for the caviar
Laugh hard staying out the way of bad karma
And black tar covered demons when they have drama
You latch onto hope, but it ain't working out
This garden snake you knew done grew into a serpent now
And my mind is perverted, foul, wow
My time, you've got to earn it now
Alright, dance circles around the lava
And bitches coming over just to twerk around the casa
Yeah, lemme see that ass, bitch (haha)
Yeah, as the Virgin Mary get defloured
Arouse her, and let her put her mouth in my trousers
Woke up, made a couple million fore I showered
Spent an hour with Jack Bauer
And the kids from Rocket Power watching television
Sometimes the truth is better when it's fiction
It's never written, never find a bed in prison
Dealing with addictions
When I beat it then it's switching to something else
Shit, I'm only running from myself
But, I'm running fast and I'm tired

[Verse 2: Da$h]
F*cking sleeping, man
Give me some f*cking orange juice
Some peyote in that shit
My whole f*cking life is a science experiment (buggin')
Terrorist rhetoric, instead make the Devil flinch
Paint his head with gin, the roof is scabbin'
Finna peel off, sky's teal hand rolling in...
... bit harder to look at, put a home invasion
Throw the earnings in my book-bag
Learned about that Xanax and...
Ain't nobody really ever taught me how to cook crack, but
I got about half a rite-aid in my book-bag
Bitch, I'm always high, that's why I look sad
Black bag full of kush, burn the same bush
Moses had a conversation with... bitch Croatian dick
We wanna train you, finna thank the bitch
The new wage, Johnny Blaze and shit
I got the homies in your neighborhood
Knocking like these niggas lost a dog
Momma looking for her boy she better call the morgue
I'm a ball hog, I tell my niggas, I ain't finna pass it
You ain't gonna dunk, smoking the Hawaiian skunk
Elephant tusk necklace just to provide the stunt
Wear a Waldo outfit, you were to find me once
I hit the ocean floor inside a slut
Disintegrated to the finest dust, I'm out, nigga
Like that...

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