Mac Miller - Swing Set Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Swing Set Lyrics
Crusing through the city with the windows down blowing through a pound ready for another round
Some hoes in the back of the whip and they rollin servin pussy like the U.S Open blowin on this
Potent different flavors I done saw em all I bee stayin higher than the taj mahal straight epic
So now you can't forget it kickin girls out the crib like they got some bad credit when you blowed
And you drunk and you don't give a f*ck take this soul and this funk tell the Dj turn it up purple
Stuff got it stirrin in my cup while hoes I get around like the wheels on the bus I'm a true player
Original mac and I keep the pussy poppin here listen to that hoes showin me some love so I'm givin
It back she wanna be mrs.mac how you figure that?

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