Mac Miller - Larry Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Larry Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Yo yo yo, yo, yo
I'm sicker than a biohazard psychopathic murderer
Speak to Jews in German words, I go to church with burgalers
Further further, word of the undead, blunt to the head
F*ck feds, I eat pussy 'til my tongue red
Period, or redder than it is already, serious
But they laugh and read at my obituary, he's
Clinically braindead, blowed up
A semi-automatic star aiming for these saints heads, I'm pure evil
This' a rogue world with more AIDS and more needles
I cure people from starvation when I forcefeed you
Illuminati party, I'm gettin' sworn in
Tattoos of baby Jesus burned in my foreskin
I f*ck with God, the world treat me like the underdog
Bitch ass rappers, all they do is hug a lot
But f*ck love, put a gun to my head and pull it
Just to show you I'm not defeated by a bullet
My soul live forever full of addictive pleasures
Chivalry, Satan conversation from the ministry
Army of fans like a hundred million mini-mes
Take 'em to the top of the mountain, have 'em drink the punch

Mmm, watch the bodies drop

[Verse 2:]
Yo yo yo, yo
I shoot you with a bow and arrow just to watch you die slow
My eyes glow, hues from the times of the Mayans
Sniff lines of coke until my septum starts firin' and my face melt
Get some road head, wearin' a safe-belt
Body full of hate cells, all this shit is science
Went to Zion just to talk to God and form alliance
It's best to know your enemies better than they know themselves
Read the bible, overwhelmed, knowin' I'm a go to hell
Chivalry, same conversation with the ministry
Tell God the word he gifted me is full of misery
These sharp needles in the veins of dark people, that's the harsh evil
All these snakes, rats, and weasles
Who are waitin' for us all to die, just to see who qualifies
To watch the choir harmonize
It all is lies

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