Mac Miller - Labido Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Labido Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I'm a mother f*cking God, I swear
Everybody gonna die soon, I'll meet you guys there
Somewhere in the after life imagine about a livin'
All my brothers sinnin' I just pray they all forgiven
But, as for me I'll take my thoughts... and stride
I got way too much pride to be along just for the ride
I'm way too high to go to Hell, I'll be somewhere inbetweener
Look beyond horizons where the grass is always greener
Get lunch at the strip club, bitch be complaining
Always saying I don't tip enough
I already blew my son's college fund down at the casino
Betting on Pittino's boys, I lost by a freethrow
Hella weed smoke, me and my amigos
Stacking c-notes, praying like Tim Tebow
I'm a has-been, word to Uncle Rico
Keep on smashing these freak hoes, high off labido

[Verse 2:]
I couldn't kill myself if I tried
Suicide doors on my ride, coming down the 105, backwards
Wonder if Heaven got a passsword
Playing Sega Saturn, I ball like Jamal Mashburn
Still be fasting on the holidays
Nut inside a bitche's mouth, tell her that it's holiday's... sauce
Star of David and the cross, garage door close
Trying to inhale exhaust
Exhausted, better call the cops quick
Cause I'm by myself going crazy in a moshpit
Left hook, right hook, uppercut
God and the Devil playing double-dutch

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