Mac Miller - Halo Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Halo Lyrics
Yo, once again
It's a riot, better close the street

[Verse 1:]
Pathological liar
Went to my girlfriend's house and set her dog on fire
Blamed it on her little brother, got him sent to juvi
F*cked her in the bathroom while her dad was watching movies
Reach inside my backpack for the fully loaded uzi
Started shootin' up the room he was in
That Chappelle's Show episode, you know, Paul Mooney was in
Told her everything would be alright, just don't scream as I dismount
Left the crib, started searching for a discount
Exorcist, I need to get some help with this
Once as sweet as Welch's is, I think he went insane though
Must've been the drugs in him, he loved to sniff the yay-yo
If Satan could accompany a halo
Then one day, maybe I could be somebody's angel
Catalogue of greatest hits, sacred does what sacred is
The people raise they brows when you weird as Al Yankovic
I just wanna make out with bitches and play with tits
Snort H and shit, just forget what day it is
I'm eatin' sator with Clinton and Ralph Nader
Tradin' acres and bettin' millions against the Lakers
Spittin' out what used to be your favorite flavor
Sentenced into hell, but I'm out on good behavior
Look, got a new neighbor

[Verse 2:]
Still alive from a room of melted candles
Lost my job, now I'm in New York sellin' sandals
Saw Michael Jackson in S.W. Randall's
Introduced my youngest cousin to him, told him he was DTF
He probably had some freaky sex, really I'm not worried
Already plan to kill myself when the clock hits 7: 30
My head is dirty, took a suicide dive into some cow manure
Now I'm chillin' chop and screwin' Al B. Sure!
I got the clap from a bitch in El Salvador
So I grabbed her house phone and strangled her without the cord
Sorry I was bored, guess I'm quite sadistic
Misfit, dipshit, he's always pessimistic
Stuck in prison currently, my family never visits
Psychological problems is really none of your business
These serial killer fantasies
You mention something sick and twisted, everybody panicy
Reading Hamlet out loud in a room by myself
Give different characters different voices, I guess it helps
With the storyline and the flow of the plot
Got a gun in my dresser and it's holding a sh...

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