Mac Miller - Fly In Her Nikes Lyrics

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Fly In Her Nikes Lyrics
She looking fly, girls fly in her Nikes
Fresh new Jordans or fresh pair of Ice creams
Oooo she's a dime she keep em so nicely
The way she's rocking them kicks gotta make her my wifey

You're looking fly, real fly in them Nike shoes
I'm looking for a wifey and it might be you
Ménage toi, spend the night with two
It's alright with me, if it's alright with you
Feel my hands rubbing up and down your backside
Ma you've got curves like a half pipe
That's right ma yous a ten
And your man? You be rocking nicer shoes than him
I'm in the spot with some juice and gin
Come to me
You're a beauty with your Louis and Gucci
Baby girl I don't wanna be your man, but let me just write my number on your hand
At the party with a whole buncha hunnies here
You got yours laced up with some bunny ears but now I got you all alone and the boozes gone So slip outta your clothes but keep them shoes on


You looking like fresh, like WOAH!
Got damn, Looking so fly that you probably got a man.
Your looking right and he ain't here tonight so…
I won't tell him if you don't OHHH!
So let's roll….roll back to the crib
Grey Goose lights dimmed Girl that's how I live.
You know you got them kicks fatt ass and some lips
Baby you ain't gotta ask for a kiss
Shawty look proper with kicks like Foot Locker
All done up, she a good shopper
New jeans, blue tee and her shoes clean
Looking like she about to seduce me
Just touch me, tease me girl caress it
100 thousand pairs in your shoe collection
I know you like to tell, but let me just lay back while you light my L


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