Mac Miller - Erica's House Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Erica's House Lyrics
[Intro: Mac Miller]
Around a fire doing a thunder dance
You know what's a funny word? Underpants
Let's go to Syria and have a war
Stop f*cking calling me Macklemore
That's not my name, well kinda
It's kind of my name
(A little bit louder)

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Yeah, so I sold the mansion and moved to my mom's attic
Life was a blockbuster but now it's a cult classic
Smoke 'til I'm asthmatic, embracing my bad habits
Travelling down the hall, I'm chasing a fast rabbit
Well that's acid, still weird from my last tablet
I love like a folk singer but f*ck like a crack addict
Practicing black magic and watching some car crashes
Snapchattin' a dick pic and sent it to Bob Saget (I'm a faggot)
Word, the aliens have landed
I don't panic in my fortress made of granite
Take life for granted, probably won't when it ends
Thank God I'm sober again

[Hook: Treejay]
Run away, run away
Run, run, run away
Oh my...

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Who let the dogs out?
Stop what you're doing and put 'em back in the doghouse
I wasn't human, I'm feeling like I'm a god now
But most of the time I don't need to know what I'm talking 'bout
Bitch, I'm a walking, talking crocodile
Take a picture with my mom and crop her out
Go to her house, coked up, and lock her out
(Sorry about that)
I'm possibly a phony, don't believe me
You can't tell that I'm so lonely from the TV
I hate myself cause I'm a white rapper
I hate white rappers but an industry of kite masters made me rich
Short-shorts and high socks
I feel like chalk without a sidewalk
Back in the 'burgh I'mma eat at my favorite Thai spot
And smile as the hungry eyes watch


[Verse 3: Mac Miller]
Yeah, still having sex with blind people (it feel good)
They say my pussy smell like pine needles (as it should)
Bust a nut in the poultry section at Giant Eagle
Stare a chicken in the face like, bitch, I'mma eat you
Yea, I'm all kinds of evil
Eating mushrooms out in London trynna find the Beatles
I'm still sick of people
Go back to saying, be a chief and kick it with Mr. Roedel
(That was my English teacher)
Retina display on my Macintosh
That's high definition jacking off
In LA trying to get me an acting job
Cause my idol David Hasselhoff

[Interlude: Mac Miller]
Man, Germans love David Hasselhoff
I hear they like David Hasselhoff more than they like Jews
And they love Jews out there

[Outro: Treejay]
Runaway, catch a plane
Know I did, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Runaway, Runaway, Runaway
Ooh, ooh
Girl, Runaway
You better run away

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