Machine Gun Kelly - Spordy (Skit) Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Spordy (Skit) Lyrics
Hey wuddup?
Damn it, ayo don't answer the phone, don't answer the phone
Cuz I need a voicemail for this record
Ha ha, ok
Sorry, I didn't umm, like I wanna talk to you, I'm sorry, I wanna talk to you but..
Yo I wanna hear it though, let me hear it, can I hang up?
How you gonna hear it if I need you?
I'm in the studio right now on the microphone
Oh oh play it play it
No, you're on the microphone, this is being recorded right now
This right now?
Yes, I was using your voicemail as a part in a song
And I'm in the booth right now and all the people in the f*ckin' studio are laughin' right now
Oh f*ck a'ight a'ight a'ight
But I'mma call you after and talk to you
Don't want you thinkin' I was using you for your voicemail
Haha, alright cool
Alright, bye

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