Machine Gun Kelly - Halo Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Halo Lyrics
[Verse 1: MGK]
This ain't no halo over my head bitch
But dear god can you forgive the sinnin'
For everything that I did since the beginnin'
Because the devil around me so much
That you would think I got a death wish
Yeah, and the voices in my head get louder
Watchin' my career disappear like powder
Wish I could rewind those hours and get my life back
Strike that, hanging on this weed like a life jacket
F*ck rappin', I was really livin' everything I was spittin'
Bitch what's happenin'
Fights daily, nights crazy dream chasin' till the drugs came
I was choppin' up them bitches like Jason
Had a motherf*ckers face layin' on the cold pavement
Wake up take 'em now I feel sane
Spendin' every penny in the studio slayin'
Me and my mob workin' any odd job
Prayin' this little dream was gonna feed our babies
Save me Lord, save me Lord, what the f*ck is this curse you gave me Lord
Everybody think I finally made it Lord, but all I am is now is a slave my God

This ain't no halo...

Revelations says if people wipe every tear from their eyes than death shall be no more, neither shall their be mourning nor crying nor pain no more for the former things have passed away, EST 4 Life motherf*cker!

[Verse 2: MGK]
Put that halo around my neck, bitch
And give me death
I'm 22 and this 22 on my left, God bless
Maybe I'll finally see
Maybe they'll return what's originally mine because finder's keep
Maybe I will be great, and this voice of mine was designed to be the finest key
But, I'm losing faith, everyday they got news to break
Like my single flopped, and now I ain't hot
And they don't know if I'm ever gonna see the light of day
My labels mad or my albums bad or you ain't livin' up to the hype we thought you had
Or lost a fan or the cops again and meanwhile I ain't there to be my daughters dad
F*ck! what's left for me? because I don't ever want to become a celebrity
I don't want anyone to feel less than me so put your camera down and stand next to me
Right here, EST, everyone stand together
And if I RIP than I know everything I stand for's forever, lace up!

This ain't no halo...

And when you play this song, hold your head high, motherf*cker, don't ever look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws are what makes us perfect

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