The Lonely Island - You've Got The Look Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

You've Got The Look Lyrics
(Yeah, oh yeah. You got the look.)

Girl - you got the look (you got the look!)
You're rolling up in the party with one titty out
Oh girl, you got the whole damn [?]
The way your booby be breathing,
It makes me wanna scream and shout, yeah.

Damn, girl - you rockin' that thing.
With no support, just watching it swing.
May be a mistake, but now she just owning it;
"Ay carumba!" titty girl, you Matt Groening it.

I like to think you been looking in the mirror,
Said to yourself "something's not right here;
Time to shake things up!" so you shook one out.
Your hair wasn't working, so you took one out;
A titty.

[Hook: Hugh Jackman]
You're rocking one solo titty, and that's your right.
Now you're running this city with one sexy titty
All damn night.

She got legs and she knows how to use 'em.
Also got one titty out - sounds so confusing!
Proving she knows how to get attention;
One laid-back titty with no pretention.

A strong choice, or just a mistake?
A strong choice, or just a mistake?
Is fashion really what she's all about?
Intentional, or does she even know it's out?

Girl, you're the center of attention.
Tell me, is that good or bad?
Cause if it's not on purpose, it would be really sad.
Girl, strutting on down the catwalk,
What will the people say?
I've seen into the future, and the look is here to stay.

[Kristen Wiig (Jackman) {TLI & Jackman}:]
Now wait a second...
Why's it always gotta be the ladies taking things out?
(Mmm, whatcha had in mind?)
Something like this - groove:
Boy, you got the look;
Rolling up in the party with one ball out.
{Ewww, gross, etc etc}
Oh... yeah, that's gross.
That is not the same thing.
Nobody wants to see that.
I was wrong. I'm a jerk, sorry everybody.

I'm humiliated!

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