The Lonely Island - Where Brooklyn At? (Interlude) Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Where Brooklyn At? (Interlude) Lyrics
Yea, it's not as good as their first album but there's some funny stuff on it
I disagree
I think they're all wack
Excuse me young people
Perhaps you could help me, I'm a bit lost
Sure, no problem
Where Brooklyn at?
You take the Williamsburg Bridge or the...
Where Brooklyn at?
What? Are you actually asking if...
What about Queens?
Are you serious right now?
What about Queens?
Puerto Rico hoe
Oh oh, we're not Puerto Rican
Puerto Rico hoe
Actually I'm quarter Puerto Rican
I didn't know that
Whatever, it's not a big deal
Puerto Rico hoe
Yea, I'm just realizing this guy's crazy
Where Brooklyn at?

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