The Lonely Island - We Need Love Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

We Need Love Lyrics
[Conversation between two men:]
Hey, what a great day for a swim.
Yeah. Why are you wearing a shirt?
Too many hickeys on my neck.
Oh. The girl I was with last night scratched my back.
So you've also been having sex.

We need love, not meaningless sex.
You've got a round butt? We're not impressed.
So many girls wanna get in our pants,
But we're not whores. We need romance.

Hey girl (girl), you look good.
I want you to know that I would - do you.
Frequently. Like riding my hog, it's nothing to me.
You're wearing a bra, but soon you won't.
Call me the magic man: now you see it, now you don't.

When it comes to foreplay, I can take for hours.
Say "Do I make you horny, baby?" - Austin Powers.
My ocean's got motion, but also girth;
The closest thing you'll feel to giving birth.

I'm a butt man
And I like boobs.
Put them together, and we like you.
I don't care that you're overweight.
I see your soul, and you look great.
We love all colors, shapes, and sizes,
Except Steve's new girlfriend, who's a f*cking slut!

We need love, not meaningless sex.
You've got a round butt? We're not impressed.
Just two Don Juans looking for amour;
It could be you if you're not a whore.

I'm Guy #1, I'll massage your back.
Or if you prefer, I'll squeeze your rack.
If it's your time of the month, I'll call it a night.
I'm Guy #2, I don't run red lights.

If I was with you, I'd need at least 10 rubbers.
Your poo-tang stank, I don't need another lover.
I wear condoms too, but when they break, it's bad.
Take you to the clinic, I can't be no dad.

Cause we're the freaks of the industry.
You a freak, Guy 1?
Oh you got that, G.
What about you, Guy 2?
Yes. Me. Too.

I always get consent before I screw.
I'm not a guy who's gonna rape you.
Champagne, waterbed, satin covers;
There you have it - another satisfied lover [x5]

We need love, not meaningless sex.
You got a round butt? We're not impressed.
We're two Cassanovas, not pieces of meat.
But pull down our pants, you'll like what you see.

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