The Lonely Island - Trouble On Dookie Island Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Trouble On Dookie Island Lyrics
Yea let's do this
Take a good look at me, you need a bad guy like me
All I have in this world is my balls and my work, and I don't break em for no one
Yo hopped out the whip, pop the heater out the clubby
Ski masked it up, bout to jack these fools, love me
Blasted through the door blazing hell with the shells flyin, spiderwebbed the flat screen in one shot, babies crying
Got these bitches nose bloody, face down in the shag
This bitch is flippin-Shut the f*ck up and fill the bag
All of a sudden- BOOM, shots from the back room
It was a set up, dude yellin get lit up
Yo we bust out the back, dookie flyin outta my pants
You got the keys, yea boy now make that engine dance
This shit is stallin, f*ck man they strapped up
Let's make a brake for it to the crib or the backup
We hit the pavement, dookie bustin all out of my jeans
You hop the fence, so we can get away clean
We hit the dirt, this rottweiler snarlin and smilin
He ripped my pantleg off, a bunch of dookies went flyin
I had to blast, dog brains all in the grass
Mixed with the dookie, yeah man nighty night! Time to smash
Yo we cut through the park, dookies poppin outta my shirt
I handled the bullets from behind, like lead fireworks
Dookie fillin up my sneaks bought to bust, No doubt
Pulled off a icy toner? glove, shook the dookies out
Yo it's a chase, they want us to be chased
Yo duck over here, I gotta ditch some dead dookie waste
Whipped off my stunning? so I could dump the dookie
Cop blazin out the eucalyptus tryin to shoot me
I blew out his back, that's all she wrote man
Yeah, now his chest slapped too, dookies for the boatman?
They comin man, quick throw these dookies in the trash
Hold up more dookie, they comin out fast
Yo I can't move my leg, cause I'm stuck on dookie mountain
Fifty guns open fire, blood spray like a fountain
Now our bodies all shredded, shots blaze right through me
We're deader than dust, done in by the dookie
Trouble on Dookie Island

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