The Lonely Island - Stork Patrol Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Stork Patrol Lyrics
Stork patrol, always patrollin
Stork patrol, he's rollin
Stork patrol, with my storkies
Stork patrol

Yo what up, fine feathered stork?
Peace, you're lovely
Hollow legs, long beak, feathers so cuddly
Yo I wanna step to you stork, but I don't know how
Your style's mad intimidating, makes me go wild

Get ya open like those web toes
You know I spread those scrawny bird legs past the head when I bed those
Stanky sea stork steady salty in your seed sack
Have at this barnacle, bird, ya know I need that

Your feathers shiny, nasty plumage
Let me probe your inner sanctum, I love you doin it
Witchya storkin ass
Beautiful Marabou
Plenty of birdseed for you, incubators too

What up Marabou-bou, don't I recognize you?
National Geographic, cover, ninety-two
Turn around your backyard, I can barely speak
Oops, there go my kids all over your beak

Calling all storks, we're on a stork patrol
We have an APB out for three storks heading one-eighty
Chicks fly the coop when you pull up to dem first
She's a beautiful specimen (she's a stork!)
A beautiful specimen

'Ey yo peepin, I know you love Victoria's Egret
Garter belts all in your claws on some freak ish
I love you like my wingspan, everything's grand
Knock it airborne, make you pray to god to bring land
Never worry bout what your friends say, they're just pelicans
Swallowin the minnows of this other species' gentlemen

Thirty days, thirty nights on my eggs you sitted
Cause you always been committed, til the day I was acquitted
Lovely, eatin baby crocodiles and insects
Let me be your park ranger and your sanctuary pretect
Ooh, I wanna ruffle you up, suck on your beak
Freak nasty ish, make you stand on one feet

Yo my eyes are red, my voice is tremblin
Please don't leave me, stork
This ish, I need you til the end
When the cops came, you held my stash in your beak
God damn, nasty freak!

Alright, listen up, stork
We, human men, have got you surrounded
Now come outside and marry one of us

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