The Lonely Island - Should I Move? Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Should I Move? Lyrics
[Andy Samberg:]
This was the hardest day of my life
Should I stay or should I go?
Help me, Lord, to decide

Three blocks from home when she caught my eye
I shouldn't even be looking but she just had to be mine
Ten bedrooms, ten baths, 7,000 square feet
I was week in the knees, she was the house of my dreams
I had just moved in to the place down the block
And now I'm thinking 'bout moving? Imagine my shock
I talked to my real estate guy, Peter
He was like, "Your house is beautiful, yo, how could you leave her?
6,000 square feet, a dolphin-themed pool
If I'm being honest, Connor, yo, I think you're a fool
But it's cool, you can definitely afford both places"
Tell me what to do, God, my heart's torn in pieces

So many options and all in my price range
This decision is torture, my head's playing mind games

[Akon (Andy Samberg):]
Should I move? (Should I move y'all?)
Tell me should I buy this new place? (Tell me should I buy it?)
Should I move y'all? (With my money)
It'd be nice to have some more space (More space)

[Andy Samberg:]
So I turned to my friends playing out by the pool
As I sipped on my drink, I screamed what should I do?
They just shrugged and I could tell that I was on my own
With this decision, no vision, which house to call my home
I had to get away so I flew to Majorca
Dove in the ocean, went swimming with dorphins
I drank too many piña coladas and fell asleep
Had a dream about both houses and began to weep

Tell me houses can one man own?
I'll be paying in cash, got no need for a loan (But still)

[Akon (Andy Samberg):]
Should I move? (Should I move?)
Tell me should I buy this new place? (I don't know what to do)
Should I move y'all? (I think I should just buy it)
It'd be nice to have some more space (I think I'm gon' buy it)

[Andy Samberg & Akon:]
So much pain, so many struggles
But I made it through
I bought the house, it's beautiful
And I kept the old one for my dogs
Sometimes it just works out (Shit works out)
Oh, and now I own two houses, oh

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