The Lonely Island - Reba (Two Worlds Collide) Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Reba (Two Worlds Collide) Lyrics
Oh, it's been a long time coming
Two of the world's greatest
America's Sweetheart, Ms. Reba McEntire
(Yeah, yeah, how you doin', Andy?)
We 'bout to take it to the top
Hit 'em, Reba

Haters in my face try to keep me down
But you know we keep on shining (Here we go!)
Two crazy big stars from opposite worlds
'Bout to set this track on fire
(Yeah, she's the queen of country)
He's a comedy prince
Makin' something out of nothing
(We hooked up in the studio to make this song!)
But as usual we ended up f*cking (No doubt!)

Flashback to when I first met Reba
Sitcom dressing room, puffing on cheeba
I said I was a fan, she said "groovy"
Dropped her denim skirt and said, "hop to it"
Made love all night (More like we f*cked!)
Kids banging on the door, tryna interrupt
But them autographs can wait
Cause this is way too strong
I can't leave it alone
Because her pussy's the bomb

Well my pussy is the bomb and that's a fact
But these n-words keep on tripping (Okay!)
So I stay on my grind and drop these hits
Cause I can't go back to stripping (I'm Reba!)
(You're my undercover freak)
And you're my best friend, but our families don't approve
(That's right 'cause I'm a city boy)
And I'm a country girl
And I'll never leave your sweet balls blue

Ay, because a girl like Reba's got just what I need
With big, broad shoulders and a red ass weave (And a penis)
Hot damn, she fly
All she wanna do is f*ck me
I'm a lucky guy (I'm a guy too)
My friends think I should dump her
They say she's a man who found a wig in a dumpster
(Your friends are smart)
Naw, Rebs, they're just jealous cause I'm dating a star
Instead of hanging with the fellas (Hanging like my nuts)
Word up, they're just liars
They can't believe that I could pull Reba McEntire

Since I came out my mama's butt
I knew I was destined for greatness
I looked in a dumpster and saw a wig
And thought, "Hey brother, I'm gon' take this" (Tell 'em, Reba!)
So I put it right on and took a stroll
Right over to 30 Rock (SNL!)
I saw Andy Samberg and he thought I was Reba
And I made him suck my dirty cock

So there you have it
Two worlds collide
We the new Bonnie and Clyde (Reba!)
From haystacks to Maybachs, our love will survive
For Reba I ride, 'til the day that we die (I'm Reba!)

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