The Lonely Island - Normal Guy Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Normal Guy Lyrics
Hey, what's up man?
Oh, not much dude. Hey, are you ready for the party tonight?
Yeah man already got a case of Santana champagne so it should be good.
Oh, nice.
Yeah that's good.
Oh shit, oh man, don't make eye contact.
Ding dong, normal guy in the house!
Hey, man.
Oh, it's great seeing you other normal guys!
Oh yeah, uh huh.
What are you guys up to?
Oh, not much.
Hey what are you other normal guys up to?
Seriously, nothing we're just hanging out
Do you guys know what I hate?
Hanging out with a weirdo!
Hanging out with some loser weirdo!
It's my biggest peeve!
Yeah well
It's like they don't even know where we're coming from!
I can't take it when some weirdo shows up unannounced!
Okay, well
There's nothing wrong with any of us!
None of us have any major problems!
Aw, man.
Hey let's make a pact!
Let's make a suicide pact!
Uh, no that's
I'll go first.

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