The Lonely Island - Me Likey Dat Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Me Likey Dat Lyrics
When the girls blow us kisses (Me likey dat)
And when your momma does our dishes (Me likey dat)
When the genie grants wishes about girls blowing kisses and your momma doin' dishes (Me likey dat)

Well we step up in the party, no shoes or socks
No pants on the bottom, no shirts on the top (Nude)
Butt naked at the buffet bar
Eating up your chicken fingers and the crudités
Yo Kid Conner, yeah yeah what up Kid Contact
Why don't you grab Kid Brain and meet me in the back?
How's it going motherf*ckers, wanna smoke this sack?
We collectively replied "Me likey dat"

When I hit a home run (Me likey dat)
I got a burger and a bun (Me likey dat)
When Attila the Hun drinks a gallon of rum
In his tummy-tum-tum (Me likey dat)

We likey that, I got a hyphy hat
You a flighty bat
You a, you a dirty rat
You slightly wack
We nicely rap
Everybody knows Style Boyz pants tightly packed

Me likey dat
Me likey dat
Me likey dat
Me likey dat

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