The Lonely Island - Legalize It Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Legalize It Lyrics
Ohh yeah, ohh yeah
Words and truth

One fine evening on the sandy coast
The feeling was irie 'round the drum circle
When the wisest rasta I ever saw
Gently joined us and sang of Jah
Roots and culture seeped from his bones
He took out a spliff and said "Pass 'dis around"

So I took a righteous drag
It was the best sensi that I ever had
And then I felt the chills run up my back
"My good man, tell me what was that?"
He said "My friend, you just smoked crack"
You just smoked crack
Ooh, crack
(You just smoked...)

I just smoked crack (Oh my God)
It felt f*cking great (This is amazing)
I thought it was marijuana, oh yeah
But now it's too f*cking late (I can't come back down)
I love crack (Holy shit)
And now I am invincible (F*ck yeah)
If anyone tries to take my crack
I'll kill them on principle

Some call crack bazooka
Others call it base
But no matter what name you call it
It's the best invention ever by the human race
The government spread lies about it
They say that it is no fun but
On that glass shell I sucky
Sucky-sucky-sucky-til the crack is gone

Now we should legalize it
Legalize it
Set the people free and legalize...

We should legalize crack
So that I can smoke it all (I can see God)
You can borrow it from your neighbors
Or buy it at the local mall
(Legalize crack)
I love crack
And I know it loves me (More fire)
So if you try to take my crack
You better f*cking kill me

Thank you kind rasta
For showing me the way
Goodbye ganja
My crack is here to stay

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