The Lonely Island - Awesometown Theme Song Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Awesometown Theme Song Lyrics
{Since the beginning of time, mankind has searched
For sanctuary from poverty, sickness, and war. Just
Recently, three young men found it. Welcome... to

Come along with us!
Come along to Awesometown!
Come along with us!
And wipe away your frown!

Role call:
... Akiva
... Jorma
Andy! and Jorma and Akiva!

Come along with us!
Come with us to Awesometown!
Give us all your trust!
And we won't let you down!

Dance break
(Left... right... left, right, left)

My name's Akiva
The brains of the group
If ya have a problem I can solve it for you

My name's Andy
And I play sports
I also enjoy building forts

My name is Jorma, muthaf*cka
The sensitive one
Break your muthaf*ckin face with the butt of my gun
Rip off your arms and break your legs with 'em
Spread your ass cheeks and stick my dick in 'em

Come along with us!
Come with us to Awesometown!
Fun times are a must!
In Awe... some... town!

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