The Lonely Island - Ardy Party Remix (Ardy vs. Kid Icarus) Lyrics

The Lonely Island Lyrics

Ardy Party Remix (Ardy vs. Kid Icarus) Lyrics
Sandals and socks

I knew this cat named Ardy, he wore sandals and socks
When he came to the party, he would make sure it rocks
He would flail his arms around and do the Ardy dance
Leavin every muthaf*cka with funk in their pants

We like the Ardy who rocks the party

'Ey yo it's Friday, you're at the jam of the year
But somethin's missin there: man, Ardy ain't here
People standin on the wall, not freakin at all
Check it, what you need to do is give Ardy a call
And then sixty seconds later there's a knock on the door (who is it?)
My man Ardy with Bacardi, sayin get on the floor

And I've been gettin down ever since he said that shit
At the dance club, havin a conniption fit
Now, who rocks the party more than Ardy? - No one!
And who smokes base back of the alley? - Ardy!
When we found him on the street, he was homeless and shit
So we addicted him to coke so he'd be dependent
Now if he wants more drugs he's gotta rock for us
Go down the ho stroll and pick up cock for us

'Ey yo, Ardy's got the steps that'll move your body
That's why we like the Ardy that rocks the party

We like the Ardy who rocks the party

Yo Ardy stinks like a muthaf*cka drownin in shit
But the crazy part is, how much I love that kid
He's so intelligent and charming, ugly and disgusting
For a hit a yay he'll do just about anything
Like suck my dick? - Hell yeah he'll suck your dick, nerd
You're holdin weight, he'll do anything - Word?
He wears glasses and has a haircut like a clown
And if you got a girl over, you don't want him around
Cause he smells bad? - Nah dawg, cause he'll snatch her up
Straight player for real, sportin sandals and socks

Picture: the most disgusting f*cking man on the planet
Then multiply that by eight, goddamn Ardy's great
Do anything for my ace, even clean his face
When the schmutz starts to dry, plus he always stays laced
In the brand new Tevas, plus the wool socks
You came here to party, he came to smoke rocks

We like the Ardy who rocks the party

Ardy, smoothest cat you've ever seen
The chicks know what I mean - He's so fresh and so clean
He'll rub up on your leg without warnin, start humpin it
Oh boy, what's that smell in his pants? He's been dumpin it
True game, makin all the girls pause
Ardy, you look good with that dump in your drawers

If Ardy ever stopped rockin you know we would kill him
Roll him up in a carpet and throw him off of a buildin
So I slip him PCP whenever he's not lookin
So he keeps the party jumpin from the floor to the ceilin

Yeah, he looks good when he's smokin on rocks
And don't forget y'all, he's wearin sandals and socks

We like the Ardy who rocks the party

We like the Ardy who rocks the party

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