Little Mix - The End Lyrics

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The End Lyrics
I can't keep breaking up with you,
You messed with my heart babe,
Now it's black and blue,
But love isn't fair,
And I swear,
That this time,
This is the end.

And I can't keep lying,
Lying to myself,
Oh I'm thinking you'll love me right,
But you never will, no.
It's too much to bear (too much to bear),
So I swear (this time I swear),
That this time,
This is the end (I mean it baby).


Said I'm gonna leave
But I'll never leavin'
Now I know that I really don't need to have your fun
Now the parties done
And you beg on the floor
As I walk out the door
Boy we're through


All the tears I've cried
All the lonely nights
Boy I lost my mind
But now I'm sure (now I'm sure now I'm sure)

You can say all you want but love isn't here anymore

And I won't be missing, missing you,
And no one can love you,
The way I used to do,
But love isn't fair (love isn't fair),
And I swear (this time I swear),
That this time,
This is the end,

I promise baby

This is the end

You know it's the end

This is the end.

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