Lil Durk - Try Me (Remix) Lyrics

Lil Durk Lyrics

Try Me (Remix) Lyrics
[Hook 2X:]
Let a nigga try me, try me
I'm a get his whole mothaf*ckin' family
And I ain't playin with nobody
F*ck around and I'm a catch a body

Dej got the .40, I got the mac up
Bullets to his face, police call for backup
And just because I rap I still a whack some
Niggas need grammys, they straight actors
Free RondoNumbaNine he just caught a body
RIP to Nuski, my cousin called me
I seen my cousin bleeding I damn near lost it
Thats why I gotta ride through all the opp shit
I don't do relations so don't waste it
Bitch ain't send me money, I had to face it
And since my car white they'll swear I'm racist
She say she freak nasty so I'm on that shit
Niggas snitching here, he'll get his face lift
Bitch I'm from Chicago where we go ape shit
If we catch a hommie we don't say shit
Even rappers know we ain't who to play with
I can't wife a eater, I just freak her
Pass her to my niggas like a blunt of reefer
30 don't jam it's like aquafina
Free my nigga Jam that lil boy a demon
And since I got my deal, I feel important
I live what I rap and just record it
They tried to give me 10 if I didn't have a lawyer
Niggas out here snitching, they're straight informers
Try Me! Try Me!
Bullets got his name on it like a ID
Sipping on the lean is like my IV
My crazy life, I feel like YG

[Hook 2X]

Bitch I got the mac or the 40
Turn a bitch to some macaroni
Tell me how you want it I'm on it
I really mean it I'm just not recordin'
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