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Lil Durk Lyrics

Resume Lyrics
We sell liquid dope (gang!)
The weed man online (Let's get it!)

I was deep in the field on this street shit
Late night I was starving ain't eat shit
Studio thinking hits, tryna get rich
Hanging with a lot of niggas that was counterfeit
I was too real tote a blue steel
Had a deal, had a deagle
No deal, I was breaking packs
Had to feed and go kill, post till I had M's
Then I had to go chill with a couple racks
I'm a real man
Studio 24 like a Laker fan
Street shit, had to take it in
One time out late I ain't take it in
I had to make amends
See you the red light
Creep on you with the red light
Strip a forty, getcha head right
I'ma side slide
Ion't know nothing I was on the road doing shows so bye bye
We're connected like WiFi
Ion't know shit I can't tell on my guys
Smoking on this spinach game, Popeye
And my niggas do a drill
Nigga up pipe call it show and tell
Light a nigga brain like emmit till
Do a drill, they for real, they'll kill
Going outside to these streets, yeah

This street shit ain't for everybody (no, no, no, no, no)
So I'm tell this shit to everybody (no, no, no, no, no)
So stay in yo lane (stay in yo lane)
You can't fit in with this crowd (nah)
Whats yo resume nigga? (what's your resume?)
You ain't no killer (you ain't no killer nigga)
I'm asking what's your resume nigga? (what's your resume nigga?)
I heard you ain't no killer (nah, nah, nah, nah)
Who with this street shit?

We was hugging them corners
Niggas snitching they informing
Street shit was important
Back then I couldn't afford it
Yellow ice bitch stone Jeff Ford shit
They see how he spending them forges
Tryna rob me M and place
With no face
I'm talking 'bout arm and hammer baking soda
If the block dry then I'm taking over
Police they take it I'ma make it over
Give me a brick and I'ma break it over
You ready, I'm ready
You with it, I'm with it
Let's get it, you talk but don't get it
Put D in that skillet
I'm tryna get millions
I'm tryna get rich
Shit rich
Talking drug money, blood money
I love money, I wanna hug money
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