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The Bigger Picture Lyrics
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The Bigger Picture Info:

• "The Bigger Picture" is a protest song by American rapper Lil Baby.

• It was released on June 12, 2020, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. In the song, Lil Baby shows solidarity with the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests calling for justice against police brutality in the United States and systemic racism.

•Prior to the song's release, Lil Baby was seen marching down Mitchell Street in his hometown Atlanta, during the George Floyd protests in Georgia. He was accompanied by the city's Councilman Antonio Brown.

• Proceeds from "The Bigger Picture" benefit The National Association of Black Journalists, Breonna Taylor's attorney, The Bail Project, and Black Lives Matter.

From the Album:

June 12, 2020

Political/Conscious hip hop, trap


Dominique Jones, Noah Pettigrew, Rai'Shaun Williams

Section 8, Noah

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