Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo Lyrics

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo Lyrics

From the Album The Giancana Story (buy at amazon.com)

From the Album Roots of Evil (buy at amazon.com)
A Thug's Love Story (Chapter I, II, III)
Can't Stop the Shine
Cannon Fire
Da Bosses Lady
Daddy Figure
Foul Cats
Hitman's Diary
Home Sweet Funeral Home
Let the Games Begin
One Dark Night
Tekilla Sunrise
Thugs Anthem

From the Album 4, 5, 6 (buy at amazon.com)
4, 5, 6
Blowin' Up in the World
Executioner Style
Fast Life
For Da Brothaz
Ghetto Knows
It's a Shame
Money on my Brain
Take 'Em to War

From the Album Wanted: Dead or Alive (buy at amazon.com)
Bad to the Bone
Death Wish
Jive Talk
Kool is Back
Money in the Bank
Play it Again, Polo
Play it Kool
Riker's Island
Streets of New York
Talk Like Sex
Wanted: Dead or Alive

From the Album Road to the Riches (buy at amazon.com)
Butcher Shop
It's a Demo
Men at Work
Rhymes I Express
Road to the Riches
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Trilogy of Terror
Truly Yours

From the Album Rated XXX (buy at amazon.com)
Check the Bitch
F*ck U Man.
I'm Fly
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
No More Mister Nice Guy
Rhyme Tyme
Riker's Island.
Talk Like Sex.

From the Album Live and Let Die (buy at amazon.com)
#1 With a Bullet
Crime Pays
Edge of Sanity
F*ck U Man
Go For Your Guns
Home Sweet Home
Ill Street Blues
Live and Let Die
Nuff Said
On the Run
Operation CB
Still Wanted Dead or Alive
Straight Jacket
Train Robbery
Two to the Head

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