Knightowl Lyrics

Knightowl Lyrics

From the Album Jail Bird (2005) (buy at
Jail Bird
Mr. Policeman
You Don't Know Me
Driving Me Krazy

From the Album The Untouchables (2002) (buy at
The Untouchables
Highway 666

From the Album Out of the Bird's Nest (2002) (buy at
Out of the Bird's Nest
Como Quisiera Decirte

From the Album Bald Headed Kingpin (2001) (buy at
Bald Headed Kingpin
Ah Bird Just F*cken Flew In
I Rock The Gangsta Shit
You Wanna Bang
Keep It Coming Real
Let's Go To War
I'm Here To Trouble You
Whatcha Gonna Do
Why Would You
Nasty Bitches
The Chase

From the Album Knightmares (2000) (buy at
This Be Some Gansta Shit
I'm Not Afraid to Die
Mom's Wicked Ol' Son
I Wanna F*ck Me Some Hoes
West Coast Party
In Love with a Gangsta
Be My Girl
Victim of a Homicide
Would You Die for Me
Te Lokest
We Do This for the Streets
Bitches Ain't Shit

From the Album Shot Caller (1999) (buy at
Shot Caller
If You Want to Try
You Best Not Double Cross Me
Turn off Your Lights
I'm on the Outside (Looking In)

From the Album The Wicked West (1998) (buy at
The Wicked West
Don't Stress
Do It Knightowl Do It
Lifestyles Of A 'G
I Think I Better Warn You
What The F*ck You've Been Thinking
The Baddest Mutherf*cka
Who Do You Think Your F*ckin With
Everybody Lockdown
You Did Me Wrong
Who Be The Real
Who's The Baddest Of Them All
The Wicked West
Whats It All About

From the Album The Knightowl (1994) (buy at
The Knightowl
Here Comes The Knightowl
Brown To The Bone

Other Songs:
F*ck Royal T
Take Another Hit

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