KJ-52 - Whoop Whoop Lyrics

KJ-52 Lyrics

Whoop Whoop Lyrics
Oh no he's back again
What ya know, here I go and I'm rappin and
In the studio, in the lab again
One mic one flow one pad and pen
One show lets roll lets pack 'em in
Ya'll know when we comin in
We blow every mind when we tellin them
And choose every rhyme that we sendin them
So folks recognize to be born again
And realize he died so you can live again
All right lets ride start bouncin then
We can go all night it dont have to end
Hey Todd we started man
So get 'em high holla back if ya here me then

Here we go like whoop whoop

Now everybody from front to back
If ya just cant get enough of that
And ya feel it bump and ya lovin that
Then get 'em up torn it up and jus bump the track
Cause thats the way that we runnin that
Jus for you every time jus a ton a that
Understand thats why when we bust a track
Every time any line any kind of rap
I'm a kind of guy jus the type of cat
Ya gonna find every rhyme one kind of fact
That its jus Christ nothin less then that
And jus everytime I'll be runnin that
And so thats why I'm always bumpin that
So get first real high and start pumpin that

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