KJ-52 - The Choice Is Yours Lyrics

KJ-52 Lyrics

The Choice Is Yours Lyrics
Hello how ya doing? Can we keep it moving?
It's the KJ-52 along with the John Ruebon
And we steady cooling mic checking one two and
The choice is yours now cause this is what we doing
You can get with this cause this for us is life
But if you get with this understand this is Christ
Otherwise you other guys get with that
Mr. John Rueben can you tell me where the parties at?

[John Rueben:]
Allright thanks my friend from the sons of "In"
We move to the rhythm without womdering
Yaweh comes first all is under him
Take a dope emcee and then double him
And you got two, ok that's me and you
Mr. John Ru with the KJ-52
Doing what it take to light up the ear hole
A lot of energy absolutely no soul.

You can get with that or you can get with this
You can get with that or you can get with this
You can get with that or you can get with this
I say get with this cause this is where it is

We got phat beatsbut what the fact's be
Is that without Christ then the track be empty
So understand simply that we aint just emcees
We simply just state that "Christ has changed me"
Look at us strangly yo it's all the same B
We don't care now peep the message we send thee
So real swiftly when the enemy tempts me
I'm like "do da dippity" c'mon...

[John Rueben:]
I'm going this and that I write that and this
But if that's not life well then it must be dismissed
No time for negative got to be positive
Clear and sincere I think we state the obvious or is it?
Cause I found this to be true
So many times I do what I hate to do
Brought back to the fact I'm in need of you
But then again what else is really new?


Engine engine number 9
Party peoples feeling fine
If your life goes off the track
Pick it up pick it up pick it up!
Ya back on the scene crispy and clean
You can get with that plus the gat and the cream or you can get with this let Christ reign supreme
But now the choice is still yours can you see what I mean?

[John Rueben:]
You see we we seek life in abundance
Allright Yahweh came through and the gave me substance
Overflowing we let it spill on the mic
Embrace the truth and then we keep it focused right
Despite obstacles can't let it sway me
Even tough at times my vision gets hazy
I say we stay on the path that lead to life
No matter how narrow we can't lose sight..

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