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So In Love With You Lyrics
So in love with you

Now you were after me for so long
But I would walk by you and roll on
Had all I needed thinkin I'm so strong
Just believin that nothin could go wrong
But never seein just really what goes on
You'd start speakin, I was like hold on
I'm jus fiendin like I could do no wrong
All that time I'm out cheatin just all along
But lookin back I was treatin you so wrong
I admit its seemin if I chose wrong
But Ive been meanin to change now for so long
And this is the reason I wrote just this whole song

You are all I ever need
You are my everything
You are my only thing
And the reason why I sing


Just like that, well everything changed
And I started lookin at you in a whole different way
And its kinda strange, but really I'm amazed
How ya caught my eye and ya called my name
I'm the type of guy who thought he had it made
But I cant lie, aint nothin been the same
Since the time I changed and ya came my way
Rearranged my whole space in such major ways
And to think I used to just take your name in vain
But I'm so in love wit you, that I jus wont contain
The way I feel, cause I jus cant explain
And this is the only way I can sum up what I'm sayin



Now we been together for a while now
And everday you find a way to make me smile now
So all I got to say every time now
I dont ever want to stray jus any time now
I want to know all your ways jus every time now
And jus for all my days I wanna find out
That your love and your grace well its all mine now
And this is all I can say in every rhyme now is that....

[Bridge 2]
I cant get enough
I'm so in love wit you
This is what I want to do
Is be so in love wit you
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