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Shake It Off Lyrics
Now put two in the air (man just go and shake em off)
Like you really don't care (man just go and shake em off)
And put em to the sky (man just go and shake em off)
Why don't you hold em real high (man just go and shake em off)
Go go go go off with it

Are you dealing w/ these things up in ya mind right?
Banged up like hit and runs from a sideswipe
Here's something you can read like a time life
Something that will help you see better than ya eyesight
My life this night gone shine bright
But to just to put Jesus in the limelight
And not trusting him don't even sound right
That's like me going out and renting twilight
Things they be getting harder
We try to hang on like our name was Peter Parker
I seen the saga so I'm seeking out the living water
Instead of letting problems chop like benihanna
I been through the drama you stay ahead of me
Like you was number 4 and I was number three
Everything I have now is cause you be
I gotta shake it all off here's the remedy

So understand man dude he's never limited
Sometimes it takes a little time till he finishes
I keep spitting it until ya getting it
Until you give him all the credit like a gift certificate
So are you listening man what you living for
Are you missing it now what you heading toward
You can't make it all along now this for sure
That's like running backwards through a metal doors
Now he's guaranteed for plenty more
Then the little bit you tend to get and settle for
When I get on tour I'm spitting metaphors
And similes with clarity till the tongue is sore
Now he reigns his blessing pour
That will keep you on you're toes like a pedicure
With the way life goes man I'm never bored
But sometimes I gotta shake it off that's for sure
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