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KJ-52 Lyrics

Rock On Lyrics
Are yall ready for this [rock on]
Pump your fists to this [rock on]
Ya never miss wit this [rock on]
So come and get wit this [rock on]

It goes one two three and to the four
This is what happens when hip hop meets the hardcore
From the stands all the way to the dance floor
Get your hands up and pump em til your arm sore
You better understand now who we rock for
The Son of man, just nothin else, nothin more
So make your plans any time that we on tour
Its guarenteed we can and we will give you what you came for
Whats the deal, what in the world are you standin there for
C'mon, for real I came in here to declare war
I aint a shame of the name of who I stand for
Jesus reignes supreme, I'll say it until my tongue sore

Party people who want to get down
Are you ready to rock and get down
Show me what you got, then get down
So everybody in spot get down now


It goes one two three and to the four
We aint done get ready cause there's plenty more
Ya better come get this life that we livin for
So my man give these people what they waitin for

[Rob's verse]

[Bridge 2]
Are ya ready to rock
Are ya ready to rock
If ya ready to rock
Get on down if ya ready to rock
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