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KJ-52 Lyrics

Right Here Lyrics
I can't say that I know just what you're dealing with
But it's so plain it just shows what your feeling is
But I suppose your pain that you're living with
It comes and goes and fills your mind now with hopelessness
But I know someone who comes just with life to give
And his love is the reason why my life can live
Just one touch is all your needing cuz he died to give
You so much but you can't see it cuz you struggle with
So many things up in your life you're frustrated with
Nothing seems to be going right I know you're hating it
But let me tell you see I've been through what you experienced
I know I've come to see the source of who my healing is
If it's divorce or anything else making it hard to live
I gotta tell you you can make it just through all of this
Cuz everywhere you go he's there for you it's obvious
Don't be scared no more this is why I'm saying this

Everywhere I go I know you're no far away
You're right here, right here

I remember this when I couldn't find my piece of mind
When I felt I couldn't see you now cuz I was blind
All the time you was there and then you freed my eyes
Made me realize that you was all I need in life
>From the deepest ocean all the way up to the skies
There's no place that I could go and no place to hide
That your hands wouldn't show the way and be my guide
Your never far away you will always be my peace in life


So right now just with anything you face in life
Understand you can always find your strength in Christ
God has a plan just for every single part of your lives
That might be hard to understand in your troubles times
But anywhere you go he's there with arms opened wide
He cares for you don't you know there's no need to cry
I know the road is hard cmon it's gonna be alright
He loved you so much its time that you realized that...

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