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Pick Yourself Up Lyrics
You gotta pick yourself up
You gotta pick yourself up
You gotta pick yourself up
If ya fall down, get yourself up

What are you dealin wit, what are you goin through
Are you feelin like you'll never make it through
Well is there something in your past that still troubles you
Well I been there too and this is what I'll say to you
See God will forgive everytime that you ask Him too
There ain't a thing too big now that He can't do
He gots a lot of love to give, its right here for you
But are you gonna take it now, that is up to you
Do you know that you can carry on
Anything that you are goin through
Dont you know that He'll get ya through but you...


Now did ya mess up and do somethin ya not supposed to
Now everybody they pointin the finger jus tryin to blame you
Now quick did ya forget how much He really loves you?
Do you realize right, how much He's thinkin of ya
No matter what ya did, no matter where ya been
You can start again, you can get a second chance again
There's no sin too small or ever jus to big for Him
You can pick yourself up and you can live again

[B Section]


Its gonna be alright
C'mon now dry your eyes
He's gonna hold ya tight
And never gonna leave your side

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