KJ-52 - Outro/Gimme Dat Lyrics

KJ-52 Lyrics

Outro/Gimme Dat Lyrics
What am I gonna do, I'm addicted to Mountain Dew
When I drink jus one or two
People say, "boy whats wrong wit you?"
Start actin like a fool, from all the cafeine and the sugar too
I'm fiendin like I aint got no clue
And this is what I'm gonna say to you

Uhh.... gimme that Mountain Dew
Uhh.... gimme that Mountain Dew
Uhh.... gimme that Mountain Dew
I aint playin wit you, you better give me that Mountain Dew

It started when I was on tour
I had to stay awake, so I went to the store
Loaded up and I bought like four,I just kept drinkin more and more
When all of a sudden somethin happened to me
Jus for some reason I couldnt fall asleep
Maybe it was all that sugar and the cafeine
Not sure but I started to scream...


I got a problem, I just cant help it
Somebody help I think I'm addicted
Cause everyday I just got to have it
I cant help it, its just a habit
I got a problem, I get it
I'm addicted I'll admit it
And I promise, I'm gonna quit it
Hey that Mountian Dew over there, anybody gonna finish it?

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