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KJ Five Two Lyrics
My name is KJ aka KJ Five Two
My name is KJ it is so nice to meet you

My name is KJ Five Two, brown hair, eyes of blue
200 pounds clockin in at 6 foot 2
You can catch me watchin Veggie Tales spinnin Mountain Dew
Spendin too much money at the mall and Gadzooks
Now I'm rollin through McDonalds and I'm gettin a number 2
But I know they gonna act rude and mess up my food
Here's your cheeseburger and your coke too
Ha ha thanks a lot but where's my fries fool
I tried to grow a mullet way back in high school
I was like "now everybody is gonna think that I'm cool"
And the girls are gonna say I'm cuter then Tom Cruise
But instead they laughed like the SpongeBob dude
Lookin back I dont know jus how I made it through
But ya live and learn, that's jus what you go through
Cause know everybody is like KJ rocks dude
My name is KJ... everybody stayed tuned


My name is KJ-Five Two, now ya'll be messin up my name
Its not fifty-two and it doesnt stand for King James
I waited too long now, so let me explain
John 6:9 let me break it down plain
Five loaves, two fishes is what a Boy gave
So I took what I had and jus did the same
Put all I had in His hands and jus walked away
I said Lord it all yours you can have the whole thing
I know what I bring it might sound a little strange
But I'm not in it jus for the money or the fame
And I'm still jus the same aint nothin ever changed
I still drive a mini van and naw I aint the shame
Spinnin Lipton Ice Tea dippin switchin lanes
Like an insane soccer mom about to hit the game
Yellin at lame drivers savin "get out the way"
My name is KJ, ya'll know the name

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