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I Won't Ever Stop Lyrics
I heard em say me and K don't even speak no more
Then why you hear my voice coming out these speakers for
We gone keep on talking we gone keep on walking
Past these cats and this trash that they keep on squawking
Went our separate ways did our separate things
But real friendship is something you can't separate
I had to deal with pride I had to let it die
I thank God that we set our differences aside
It's S.O.I. there aint nothing you can do about it
Log onto chat rooms go ahead and tell your crew about it
Say what you say but me and K know the truth about it
God forgives and your lying we can do without it
So while you spread gossip we gone spread gospel
Speak that truth and keep it moving like some real apostles
Call us Paul and Silas man you can't divide us
Praise God cause the Spirit is the light that guides us

I will never stop
Will never quit
Will never drop till it's over with
I will never stop
Will never quit
Will never drop until he said it's finished

The first thing I heard I was wack and I was white
The second thing I heard I couldn't rap and couldn't write
This occurred and happened pretty much all my life
So by the 3rd time I just laughed at em and rocked the mic
It just happened to make me work harder and work better
My mailbox was filled up all the rejection letters
One day I'm a take em all out and put em together
Frame em stick them on my wall now so I'll remember
Where God brought me where God took me
Where God got me from where I just should be
You can't stop me from being what I just could be
So what you say and what you state aint never shook me
I aint no veteran but I sure aint no rookie
Anywhere that I've been is cause God took me
And I'm gonna go with him anyplace God put me
They couldn't comprehend they never understood me but..

I needed one shot I needed one break
Instead I got them telling me that I aint got what it takes
But listen and think about the next time you wanna hate
See God's got a way of using the least likely candidates
I seen the closest of my friends up and leave my life
The ones I would depend on didn't treat me right
I'm trying to hang on it lead to some sleepless nights
But I stood strong only cause of Jesus Christ
I been down and out I've been tossed away
I been lied about been booed off the stage
Now your finding out I wont ever change
I'm a keep grinding now you see I'm here to stay
I wont ever drop I wont walk away
I wont ever stop see I'm here to stay
To everybody that thought that I would fade away
Well here's a big fat God bless you have a nice day
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