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KJ-52 Lyrics

Help Me Change Lyrics
He walks in then he closed the door
He wanna quit but he can't cause he wants some more
Now the way that he lives no one would know
He keeps it hid so the kids won't see it shown
Now he trapped by his sin everywhere he goes
He addicted to skin so he overdosed
Now the way that he lives and the chains that hold
Leave him trapped in a prison that he can't control
Now seeing these women but without they clothes
Leaves him shamed but his brain just remains controlled
And every day it's a strain but it seems to grow
He wanna change but he stays in his chains and froze
Hes conflicted afraid feels alone
So he quits for a day but when he's back at home
Then he's back to the same it claims his soul
He wants to break from his chains but it gains a hold he says...

Now I seen too much take it all away
Now I need you're touch to help me walk away
Help me change I know I been living a lie
Don't wanna be the same open up my eyes...
Open my up eyes...
Open up my eyes...
Open up my eyes
Open up my eyes...

These things will infect your eyes
But don't think that it's just gonna effect the guys
Cause the girls in the world will ingest the lies
Now it starts when the heart gets compromised
Now the lust and the pride and everything inside
Makes ya look anywhere anyplace to find
Anything that will fill up a void in life
But when you tore up it's sure ain't hard to hide
Next time when the boy she's texting
That texting turns into sexting
That sexting creates such a mess and
It leaves her mind in a state of depression
She's blind can't see that the lesson
Every time there's a message she's sending
Of exposing her body her flesh and
Leaves her caught in a place of deception

Used to be in the magazines
Now it's all just seen on computer screens
And it all just means that we're sure to be
Bombarded w/ the scenes we ain't supposed to see
Now supposedly it be stronger than cocaine
So we drawn like moths to slow flame
Wind up with loss and no gain
Try to stop but wind up w/ no change
No shame so we go full throttle
And feel the pain from the pill we swallow
Girls get it from they romance novels
Guys get it from they swimsuit models
Yet we still feel broke and hollow
Just living like there's no tomorrow
All shattered like a broken bottles
But there is a path that I hope they follow...
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