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He Is All Lyrics
How long can you live your life
and act like everything is alright?
Why do you try just to only get by
when you know that you're hurting inside?
How long till you lay down your pride
you can't run from him, now where would you hide?
He's been calling you for such a long time
but it's up to you just to open your eyes and that's why
he waiting for you with arms open wide,
waiting for you just to give him all your life.
He's your father can't you see you're his child
waiting for you just to come home tonight?

Do you know?
Do you really know?
He is all you need.

Can you see the thorns on his head
and every single blood drop shed?
Can you see him as he took his last breath?
Can you see him when he rose from the dead?
You're the reason why he had to face death.
I know some things that might bring your life stress.
And you're concerned about what's coming next,
feeling so worried 'cause your whole life's a mess.
I want to tell you, you can make it thought this.
He'll never fail you, that's what he promised us
and even when things don't seem to make sense
that's the time when you hang on now you just trust.

Do you know?
Do you really know?
He is all you need.
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