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Headline News At 5 Lyrics
Reporting live from the projects where Jesus walks
Here we have little kids that were deceived and taught
To live barbaric and cherish images that are false
In the ghetto some settle some carry the cross
One of out two families here suffer a loss
The home of dead beat dads where the mothers distraught
Where the drug dealers rise and the soldiers fall
Red yellow black and white Jesus covers us all
In spite of street wars and a twisted system abide in him
Ride with him recognize the sin yo we won't forget ya
The little ones won't see the bigger picture
Until we get a clear vision of his mission using wisdom
I look around and see now known as former victims
Converted into Christians halo glistening
Millions of brothers and sisters hauled to prison when
J. Christ paid the price and cost of living like that...

Check the headlines here's the headlines
Jesus is alive that's the headlines
So read the headline you'll see the headline
They went and beat till he died then he redlined

Until you know the deal I'm a keep rocking till
I reflect the light like the forehead of Dr. Phil
In Christ my healer paid the doctors bill
And made the sin disappear like David Copperfield
Stop and chill park it while I spark it
Watch it go down like ya town with the housing market
The fields is white so I'm down to harvest
So check me out like shopping lines that be down at target
I don't write like I'm trying just to sound the hardest
I just try to shine the light right where it's now the darkest
Christ paid my debt now and that's a promise
So keep the stimulus check I ain't counting on it
And when I got to comment on the pain he felt
It leaves my brain swimming like the head of Michael Phelps
Jesus came to help w/ the shame we've dealt
Cause broad be the path on the way to hell
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