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Headline News At 11 Lyrics
Extra extra read all about it
Who chose ya red carpet outfit
That halter top is an ultra flop
You should fire whoever called the shots
Cause they dialed it wrong
Let me dial this in yeah I know the trends
Man the hipster style is in
But before you wear tight pants and bright colors
Walking around thinking you fly like the wright brothers
You should take the time to get ya life right brother
Think about the price that was paid when Christ suffered
He did it for us look at what we do to him
We gossip on internet blogs act like hooligans
I know ya busy with the Courtney love fan club
But wait a minute we been redeemed by the lambs blood
Giving our life back ain't too much to ask
Matter of fact I wanna give everything I have

Check the headlines here's the headlines
Jesus is alive that's the headlines
So read the headline you'll see the headline
They went and beat till he died then he redlined

Now something needs to change no doubt
I just ain't waiting for obama or McCain to come and bail me out
I know that Jesus won't fail me now
Cause that be the hope and the change that I wrote about
I'm rolling out I keep holding out
Until I retire from the service like colin powell
Now 30 silver coins went and sold him out
Today we do the same thing every time we close our mouth
Call me wide receiver cause I go the routes
I'll light ya up then blow ya out
I'm married to the mic tonight we going out
So either put ya hand up or stick it on over ya mouth
I got a plan that I know about
It involves a man who took my sin in the whole amount
I was so in doubt until he showed me out
Call me pogo watch me go and bounce
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