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God Is In Control Lyrics
(... information what is the truth)
(the data don't compute we need more information to find out what is the truth)
(we need more information to find out what is the truth)

You did the math
The data don't compute
we need more information to find out what is the truth
but ya got my life in details right up there upon your screen
correct but all your actions don't always show what they mean
like what
your heart
explain what makes it tick
where do you find the strength to fight and not to call it quits
how do you overcome it?
What's the riddle of the land?
Ok now don't get overheated I'll try to help you understand.
>From the days of Ultra-man and G-Force
To present times it seems like it's my dime to see the courses that are laid out
In front of eyes that survey routes
out and about while i wear the armor that can slay doubt
Lord bless
Its good to play the game of chess
And strive until the end instead of feeling that repress (where)
Often running
>From the truth thats coming stunning
and to undermine the cunning while the mockingbird goes humming
to a different tune
but what's the meaning of the riddle
you say the sky is falling like your name is chicken-
-little do you know my role
the toll and ante for the glory
Nor the wisdom of the ages for the stages of the stories that are
Underway (but)
A soldier is what you is portray
To burn them London bridges
they will fall down anyway.
Cuz everywhere I look (what)
Anothers wiping off their specs
Claiming they larynyx
And reading from a false text.
My complex
what'll make me think i cannot take it
My inner eye can see realities that are so naked
But that's in ya head
No, Cuz I fast the clearing shed
But since ya say your fat
Because my spirit be getting fed
By the words of life
Distractions come aplenty
Ta pay dem ugly bills is why i need that pretty penny
Oh but then that
My spirits training for the fighting
In the lost world
Word to Michael Crichton
Can I get down
By the way I come from Philly town
With thoughts upon the king
And in the race to win a crown,
My skills found
To rip the game another quarter
I try to bring it righteous so a smile ain't out of order
Hanging with my peers
A vision made me shed tears
But that goes back to the days when I was young working at Sears
Because I saw It then
Though it's not quite as clear as now
Its all about about the faith and yo that thing above the brow
Can get in the way
The brain is often too confused
Some say life is a game
But a game is something you can lose
If you choose not
On having Yawheh as your friend
With Jesus by my side against all odds I'm gonna win
And I'm gonna invest
Sometimes I'm heading to the nest
To rest from all the stress that comes from battles with the flesh
Plus to get blessed
Directions I be needing
To go against the one that brought about the rape of Eden
Don't you get the jist
You think the Chief Illusionist
Is tricky and the crew was making us think he don't exist
The Devil walks free
With glee
Leading the blind
With twisted aspirations bordered on the asinine
So invest in God your mind divinely because my friend it be
In your best interest that you gets to know your enemy
And you will see
We be heading for war
The likes of which man today has never seen before
I stand in awe
Of the raw and written page
The breakdown of the world shows that the ending of an age
Is coming
The Son and
Glory that be sunning
Will have the angels humming
The chief drummer will drum it
A new day with the Heavans broken up and rearranged
Instantly the Christian family caught in the air and changed
What in the tree
Wake up those ya hold dear
Just take a look at nature screaming time is coming near
Reality be superficial
What is make-believe?
To give birth to truth, desire, must be conceived
Allow Me
To shoot the gift of gab again
Some say the anti-christ will rise up out the Vatican
Yeah, connected to the EU
Precipate disorder
One religion, one currency and one new world order
Talking about peace and we can all get along
But it was written we can't until the evil one is gone
So say that your wrong
Some just look at me and yawn
Living life like a pawn
It's also what the word has spawn
They ignore
Don't even know they got a score
Now matter the day, but the battle belongs to the lord
That's interesting
What about the path of a psychic?
Deuteronomy 18 says my Daddy he don't like it
Ok that's fine
Just one more question then i'll drop it
Just tell what's the difference between a psychic and a prophet
Well, a prophet gets the word from God through the Holy Spirit
A psychic receives it from evil spirits that be near it.
It sounds cold
It's a battle for lost souls
Salvation's in the blood so know that GOD IS IN CONTROL (right)
Self-edification Is the reason I be rapping
Non-believers say
If God exists, how could he let it happen?
I tell him this
Our thoughts ain't like his
The faith of a child can just accept it like it is
But man be on a quest to rule the world by they hand
Giving commands when they don't even understand
The spiritual
It's such a shame what we be doing
Now what do you think?
I think I'm glad I'm not a human
In control, be no longer a lost soul
Although we live in chaos
God Is in control
In Control
Self-edification is the reason I be rapping
In control
Be no longer a lost soul
Be no longer a lost soul
Though we live in chaos
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