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Do You Got That? Lyrics
Do you got that do you got that
Do you got that holla if you got that
Do you got that do you got that
Do you got that well holla back if you got that

Do you got what I got
Cuz what I got is the reason I changed up a lot
And I don't wanna walk how I used to walk
And I don't wanna talk how I used to talk
Anyplace that you're at or anywhere you are
If you need this it really aint very far
You cant see it dwells all up in my heart
But you'll need this in case ya life fell apart
Jesus the one my hope is set upon
The secret to how I keep trekking on
He's the reason I'm no longer heading wrong
Cause he's leading on the path im getting on
I'm believing when things going wrong
He will be the rock that I get up on
Cuz I've seen it in everything I'm telling on
Do you need this here's what I'm telling y'all

Do you got that so what it be
Do you got the hope plus the peace
That everywhere you go It'll never leave
Well if so then let it show where I can see
But if not man I got the remedy
To every problem that could ever be
Cause he can solve em but do you see
Well open your heart it'll set you free
What I drop man I hope your getting me
Cuz in your top ten he cant be number 3
You gotta stop then and just let him lead
Let him hop in and give him the key
Well listen up dukes if you're hearing me
Cause what I just said is more than you'll ever need
And what he just gives is more than you'll ever see
Trying to do it on your own so I'm a speak saying..

So what you do when things get hot
What you think you got when everything stopped
What you think you'll drop when the things pop
And all fall apart and everything blocked
We go thru things non-stop
They want to hold us down leave us bound and just locked
But thing that I found and I just taught
You aint gotta bow down to no thing except God
You see he holds up my heart
And I can go far cuz he holds up my arms
And he keeps me calm plus he keeps me on
The path that walk and that I need to be on
Now you need to be warned
You can only make it all up in your life by yourself so long
Without Christ cuz his life was born
And he gave it and came back so check the song saying...
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