KJ-52 - Do Yo Thang Lyrics

KJ-52 Lyrics

Do Yo Thang Lyrics
Who's idea was this?
A Christian Floridian rapping white kid
Whoever did must've flipped they lid
He's bugged out he dances like Taylor Hicks
You know you don't fit in
When your own myspace only got 3 friends
It's Tom your mom and a dude named Ben
And I don't even know how I added him
Yep I aint got no class
Cuz my lights still up and Christmas passed
I go to McDonalds aint got no cash
I just order hot sauce then I walk out fast
I head to Wal-Mart buy some pants
I gonna wear them all year then take em back
And let me make it real clear on this here track
Im a do my thing you cant stop that

Go ahead boy do yo thang
Go ahead and just do yo thang (they keep saying)

I don't think the kid is well
He sends viruses to his own email
He got 5 text messages all from myself
Saying your wack dude LOL
I really used to keep it real
In my little mini van with the 10 inch wheels
Driving up to side just get my meal
Can I get fries, "sir this is Taco Bell"
So watch out now ya better be careful
He's about to pass out cause I think that his heads full
Off Mountain Dews 10 cans of red bull
With 17 shots of Starbucks espresso
I think I'm stuck in the 80's
But shout outs to all the fellas and ladies
Soccer moms in mini vans, Mercedes
Talking about "KJ so crazy"

You know how I roll, yo
Im from Florida, cockroaches, old folks
And I don't fit ya mold tho
All I can say is this is that's what God chose so
When I come thru you be like oh no
Whats he gonna do he's just so so
Aint gotta thing to prove slow ya roll bro
I bring Christ to you nothing more so
Cuz he's just my life's hope
He's the net when I walk on the tightrope
You can bet that he'll catch if I might fall
Life is hard but he's how my life copes
Care less you think if I'm dope
I could have the freshest rhyme flow
I could have the dopest live show
Without him tho it don't mean a thing so bring it...
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