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KJ-52 Lyrics

Do That Lyrics
if you here to get live go ahead and do that
if you here to just ride go ahead and do that
but if you here to just vibe go ahead and do that
then get your hands up high and go ahead and do that

[Verse 1:]
eh yo I came in the spot saw the crowd rock
heard the sound pop and then I just thought
now this must be the place cause this crowd be hot
and this must be the case of what the crowd's got
that the love of God's grace is what we just drop
I gotta whole lot to say and you know we don't stop
I dash past ya to blast faster
while I keep ya legs moving like a stair master
I'm feeling great gotta reason to just celebrate
Christ rose on the third now set the record straight
reigning supreme as the champion heavyweight
ruler of the universe the name above every name
and if you here to get live no need to be ashamed
you got a reason to get down if ya life's changed
quite strange for me to see you standing here
so come along in here stick ya hand right here


[Verse 2:]
so really tell me what's you here to do
cause if you ain't here to move man I really ain't just hearing you
we make it clear to you cause this is what we came to do
I'm blazing through with something real just to say to you
I'm staying true to putting Christ on display for you
cause love for you is just the reason that he came for you
and let you know that he'll just take the blame for you
that's how we came at you just to make ya move


everybody from front to back
now get ya hands in the air and go ahead and do that
everybody from side to side
now stick ya hands in the sky if ya ready to ride

[Verse 3:]
y'all heads probably thinking that I'm too jiggy
but what I think is that y'all heads is just too picky
so I don't care if ya crews with me
cause I'll be first to try something that you be thinking is too risky
go ahead talk smack go ahead diss me
I'm a keep going just where I feel God's lead me
and I'm a do that now even if you ain't with me
so y'all ready cool than just roll with me

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