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KJ-52 Lyrics

Don't Go Lyrics
Stop fightin, thats what I scream from my bedroom
it seems like lately this is all they ever do
Sayin things to each other like shut up and I hate you
Now every word cuts me deep like knives that stab you
I bury my head under the covers cause I have to
Drown out jus hearin my mother now tellin my dad to
Get out the house, I wonder when I'll get the bad news
I hate it when they scream loud plus when they shout too
I can't stand it when I see, and I really hate the sound too
As these tears run down my eyes until I can't do
Nothin but hope and pray and to try to understand to
I guess I'm gonna have to wait do whatever I can do
I lie in bed and shake cause this ain't what I planned to
Go through, plus I'm only six years old too
And I miss you so much and I jus wanna hold you
But on the day you walked out, this is what I told you

Oh I miss you so much, Mommy please don't go

Well you're gone but I see you on the weekends
But you and Dad right now really ain't speakin
And when he drops me off, I can jus feel the tension
Between you and him, but it something I didnt mention
Sometimes I close my eyes and jus start pretendin
That you're back together and I start to imagine
You both pick me up, and you hold me tight and I'm laughin
But when I opened them up I realized it never happened
And deep down inside my own mind I jus feels so sad and
Most of the time in the night I jus wake up cryin
Something ain't right cause now at school I'm fightin
I wish I was someone else and livin some other life and
I'll never forget the day I think I was just nine when
Ya told me the news that you two was divorcin
And I'ma live wit you now cause its the courts orders and
I said this to my dad jus wit tears in my eyes that

Oh I miss you so much, Daddy please don't go

It all changed that year in that one summer
A new family, a stepfather, and a little brother
New neighborhood, new school and a new mother
But how I'm a gonna make it through, now I got to wonder
But out of nowhere you appeared right there
Placed your hands on my face and jus brushed away the tears
Watched it all fade away you just chased away my fears
Showed me for always for all days that your're always here
You told me no matter what my love will never dissapear
And theres more then enough you
Demonstrated that you cared
Ya shed the blood of your son, you didnt ever spare
Gave Him up for me, even though it wasnt fair
Ya hung up on a tree where everybody could stare
He died so violently naked and jus bloody there
It was all jus for me nothing even could jus compare
I think back in the day that I used to jus declare that..

Oh I miss you so much, Mommy please don't go
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