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Dear God Lyrics
Dear God I was wondering if you really hear me
Dear God could you speak clearly
Dear God could you come near me
Dear God

See I was wondering if you had the free time
Just to answer a few things I seen in life
Cause you see I'm feeling like I seem blind
Wishing you would go and rewind
And rewrite things that don't seem right
Is there really something after when you leave life
All I gots to do is just believe right
How about a clear sign that everything would be fine
If your divine how about a few answers
What about my grandma she got cancer
If that's from you I don't understand ya
Where's the truth now tell me can ya
Do you listen when I'm calling you
Is it really true that I can just walk with you
I know you might be busy now with all you do
But I really need to talk with you

Now here's what I don't understand
Why can't we seem to love our fellow man
Why do I struggle to understand you plans
Why can't I seem to get along with my fam
Can you really give me the strength to stand
And forgive me for the times I break commands
Help me do more than I can
Clean the stains away from my dirty hands
Do you really hear us when we pray
When you speak do we hear what you say
If we walked away will you walk away
Why are some things so hard to change
By the way I saw a child today
When he smiled I thought I heard you say
That I'm ok so in a major way
I just wanted to tell you thanks
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