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Cry No More Lyrics
Boy stepped out of his house on to the sidewalk
down the street on his block and he just stopped
tied the shoes on his feet and then he just walked
it was the middle of the week thats how he spill hot
he told his dad where he would be now and whatnot
said they would go down by the trees near the bus stop
the clock hit quarter to three and it just starts
I sneak around and play Hide and Seek it the back lot
and on his way to the spot a man from upstairs
told him to stop and come here and he just stared
at this little boy at seven years with brown hair
and as he came near the man who spit in his hair
and what he said left him numb frozen with fear
he wanted to run but his feet wouldn't go anywhere!
he wanted to scream but he couldn't, he was glued
he wanted to leave but he wouldn't he was too scared

[Chorus: ? (KJ-52)]
Cry no more
you don't have to cry no more
(thats what you were sayin'', all that time, thats
what you were sayin'')
don't cry no more
you don't have to cry no more
(that's what you were sayin', all that time, thats
what you were sayin')

don't Cry no more
you don't have to cry no more

what happened that day left him changed forever
day he wished he could erase and never remember
he tried to block out the pain as he got older
but he was consumed with hate now and for this neighbor
and every day he was ashamed when he saw himself
so ashamed that he proclaimed he would never tell
left out the memory of the pain so he'd never fell
he pretend to be ok and hide in his shell
and try to put a smile on his face like all was well
but this child couldn't change what he really felt
he blamed God for the cause that he was dealt
his heart grew hard now by the time that he was twelve
began to fall apart and grades began to fell
till the day he cried for God askin' for his help
he wanted to find a way to start a new life for his self
he closed his eyes and into the arms of Christ he fell


[Chorus 2]
don't cry no more
you don't have to cry no more
(thats what you were sayin', all them years thats what
you were sayin')
you don't have to cry no more

and everything you heard, the boy would never speak
he held it all inside until he turned fifteen
I know that might be awful cruel to believe
but he couldn't talk about it until God set him free
see way back when he was seven years old
he was sexually abused but no one was ever told
where to turn and, a place to go
see he thought that he could get through and maintain control
little did he know, he couldn't make it on his own
now this is the time when he came through to show
how much you loved him, and you wanted him to know
that, you would never leave, and that you would never go
and you taught him to forgive, and gave peace to his soul
and now he truly lives, cause you mad him whole
and that day and ever since, he ain't ever been alone
that's why he is convinced that he don't have to cry no more


[Chorus 2]
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