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KJ-52 Lyrics

Check Yourself Lyrics
Oh no you didnt, oh yes I did
Uncle KJ gotta talk to yall kids
Listen up quick, cause the way some of yall live
Must have lost ya mind and jus flipped your lid
Now ladies, I know what he be tellin you
I know, cause back in the day I used to do it too
Talkin bout, aw girl you know I love you
And if you love me too, then let me sleep wit you
He's a fool, a lyin schemein dude
Ima tell ya straight girl, now cut him loose
Why, ain't no guy that cute
If he won't respect you and wait for you
See you need a real man that loves God too
And will take a stand even if its hard to
And I know that you can now, its worth it for you
Check the program this is what I'm tellin you

Oooh yall better check yourself
Nah yall need to check yourself
Un uh you better check yourself
No yall better respect yourself

Where my fellas at, where my fellas at?
Now some of yall need to check where ya head is at
I know in the locker room what they be tellin cats
Dont buy into that now when they sellin that
Virgin ain't a drity word don't be ashamed of that
See in reality people be respectin that
Stand up fro yourself tell 'em jus chill wit that
And even if they diss turn around and bless them back
Let me talk smack and leave it at that
Cause everybody ain't doin it now jus learn the facts
Dont never let somebody ever hold ya back
Nobody except God should ever tell you how to act
Its odd sayin that cause peeps won't ell ya that
But its the truth and I;ll never back down from that
So if ya can handle that and like the sound of that
Then people holla back on the track thats down wit that


Ladies and gentlemen ya need to stop playin
Stop runnin around always missionary datin
You think that the one you're lovin you gonna be savin
But end up wit problems from the choice that ya makin
Now some yall girls yall need to start carin
And think twice about the clothes that you're wearin
I know it might be nice to have all the guy starin
But take advice, respect yourself as a women
We all want love and we all want attention
But that ain't the way to get it you understand what I'm sayin
Wit the baby gap outfit on that ya wearin
Sneakin out the house tryin to hide from ya parents
See God said save yourself for ya marriage
And it was for a reason don't misunderstand it
Sex is a beautiful gift don't mishandle it
Ya better jus check yourself and don't damage it
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