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KJ-52 Lyrics

Cartoon Network Lyrics
Ooh Ahh push em up high

Now I was jus walkin through cartoon land
When all of a sudden I ran into Sponge Bob Square Pants
He was chillin wit the Power Puff Girls and Spiderman
Drivin down Sesame Street wit Scooby Doo in a mini van
He was rockin to the beat drivin as fast as he can
They almost ran over Ren and Stimpy and HeMan
I yelled at them SLOW DOWN!, but they didnt understand
They said they were headin over to a free hip hop jam
Over in the park, let me catch a ride then
I got in, picked up Bart Simpson and kept drivin
Got to the spot and the part was live and
At the open mic contest Beavis and Butthead were rhymin
I was like, them kids is wack give me jus a try and
Waited patiently til it was just my time and
I told the crowd to make noise get ya hands high and
This is what I said when I grabbed on the mic, I told em..


I told the crowd my name is KJ-52
And I came to get down I got something to say to you
Understand what I mean even if you're a cartoon
Jesus reigns supreme thats how my teams comes through
And then all of a sudden these wannabe hard dudes
From South Park walked up just talkin smack too
And the Smurfs backed em up I guess they was just a crew
And said lets battle fool, I said check it out dude
Your five inches tall plus ya'll crew is blue
I'd probably step on all of yall if I jus battled you
They said La la la la la
Thats all you ever say dude
Jus right then, the crowd jus started to boo
Them right of the stage, but I knew jus what to do
I told DJ Voltron, jus on the ones and twos
Man kick the beat check it out this is how I'm rockin you


Well the crowd started cheerin the party was slammin
The Thundercats and Pokemon they was breakin dancin
The Transformers hopped in and they were pop lockin
Wit G.I. Joe and Johnny Bravo chillin and jus watchin
I jus stayed on the mic, and kept the speakers knockin
Lettin them know that Christ was the reason that I'm droppin
All these words of life and He's the reason Why I'm rockin
I could go on all night and jus kept talkin
But just right then the Power Rangers started walkin
Up on the stage and said I won the open the mic and
As I reached to get my trophy and jus claim my prize and
Well out of nowhere well this is what happened

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